Party Makeup

If you’re looking for a professional to help you look your best for a particular occasion or party in Dubai, go no further than Zohara Shereen! Our party packages include red-carpet-worthy fashion and beauty guidance, special occasion outfits and accessories, and expert styling services. We will supply you with a tailored appearance that suits your unique style, whether you want a natural and elegant look or high-octane splendour.

The Uniqueness of Our Party Makeup Services

Who doesn’t enjoy a fun evening? At the same time, everyone wishes to seem handsome and lovely at the party. Sweat-proof makeup is required to keep your makeup in place after dancing or engaging in other activities. Step into any room confidently, whether looking for a bronzed goddess glow, a dramatic, bold lip or a seductive winged eye.

Connecting Through Color

Choosing a professional party makeup artist like Zohara Shereen ensures that your makeup will be done on schedule, allowing you to sit back and relax instead of spending hours doing it yourself. Trust in the expertise of our professionals to enhance your natural beauty for any event.

What People Usually Asks:

We consider the event's theme, the client's outfit, and personal style preferences to craft a look that's both complementary and captivating.

We prioritize skin prep and use primers, high-quality long-lasting products, and setting techniques to ensure the makeup endures the duration of the event.

Absolutely! We encourage trial sessions to guarantee that the client is satisfied and comfortable with the chosen look before the actual event.