Celebrity & Commercial Photo-Shoot

Each picture shot has a distinct theme and aim. I collaborate closely with the photographer to design the mood board and guarantee the aesthetic is produced. Every model will succeed in achieving the goals set by the photo shoot’s organiser.

Whether it’s for a fashion, lifestyle, or business headshot for your website or LinkedIn page, I base the makeup on the aim of the shooting. When designing a makeup look for a photo session, the makeup must represent the image you want to convey.

Why Choose Celebrity & Commercial Photo-Shoot Services From Us?

It’s crucial to choose a qualified makeup artist so we can help you. We can help you prepare for the shoot in a way that will mesmerise everyone on location. We also utilise premium products that help you get the perfect look. When we visit your sets, Zohara Shereen helps you be the most excellent version of yourself.

Celebrating Every Face's Unique Story

One’s life can change radically over many years, to the point that photos and videos taken during childhood look alien in comparison. That is what makes having photos and videos of our early years so valuable, as you can flip through these to relive memories and facts about your life. There is no better way of getting to know someone and querying details about them than to look around through their photos and materials.

What People Usually Asks:

Celebrity shoot makeup requires a nuanced understanding of lighting, camera quality, and the intended mood of the shoot. We collaborate closely with photographers and stylists to ensure the makeup complements the overall vision.

Yes, we recommend trial sessions, especially for high-profile shoots. This ensures the artist and celebrity align on the desired look and allows for any adjustments in advance.

We utilize premium, long-wear products and often conduct touch-ups between shots to maintain a fresh and consistent appearance throughout the shoot.